intermediate of sartan s product

[Chemical Name]: 2-Cyano-4'​-methylbip​henyl

[Synonyms]: 2-(4-Methylphenyl)benzonitrile; 2-(p-Tolyl)benzonitrile


[Formula]: C14H11N

[Molecular Weight]: 193.25

[CAS RN]: 114772-53​-1

[Density]: 1.09 g/cm3

[Melting Point]: 49 ℃

[Boiling Point]: 356.8 ℃ at 760 mmHg

[Flash Point]: 170.4℃

[Solubility]: Insoluble in water


Appearance White to almost white crystalline powder
Identification Meet the requirments
Melting point 48℃~52℃
Loss on drying 0.5%max
Related substances Dimethylbipehnyl: 0.5%max
Assay GC 99.0%min